About That Psych Nerd

Hi there! I’m Jennifer, the brains behind That Psych Nerd.

Over a decade ago, I was totally captivated by all of the psychology hacks and facts on social media – but then I discovered that much of it had been misrepresented or was utterly made up.

That’s when I decided to dig deeper into the science of psychology.

After earning a Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Factors, my mission is to spread accurate information about psychology online and to combat any misinformation that might be saturating the digital world. Let’s take back our browsing time!

I’m passionate about helping people better understand themselves and others through research-based information and tools. My mission is to show that understanding psychology can be simple, fun, and life-changing!

I look forward to sharing my passional and love for psychology with you!

If you’re ready to discover the actual psychology, join me on this journey and explore fascinating field of psychology together!